The creative geniuses of Chatham-Kent definitely deserve a medal. The Ontario municipality decided to have some fun with their community this year by giving their snowplows new names, and not just any names either — the most epic names we’ve ever heard of.

Residents of Chatham-Kent were asked to nominate and vote on the names of the snowplows, reports CBC News. Finally, 1,000 nominations and 5,300 votes later, the finalists were chosen and they did not disappoint.

Some of the perfectly punny names include Anita Shovel, Darth Blader, Pillsbury Plowboy, and, our personal favourite, Buzz Ice-Clear.

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According to CBC, here are the 12 finalists that were chosen:

  • Anita Shovel
  • Gordie Plow
  • Blizzard of Oz
  • Darth Blader
  • Pillsbury Plowboy
  • Sled Zepplin
  • Buzz Ice-Clear
  • Qunuk (Inuit for snowflake)
  • Flurrious George
  • School’s Not Cancelled
  • Snobi One Kenobi
  • Sleetwood Mac

If there could ever be an official winner of the winter season, it’d definitely be Chatham-Kent.