It’s officially summer and as expected, Ontario is in for a hot one. The Weather Network (TWN) has released Ontario’s summer forecast and it looks like we’re in for many hot, sticky, and stormy days.

“A very warm and humid summer is anticipated across much of the province, with the exception of the northwestern region,” said TWN.

The weather authority predicts that “a few” heat waves will hit southern and eastern cities including Toronto, London, and Ottawa. Thankfully, some cooler periods will provide welcome relief from the heat.

The combination of hotter and cooler weather will create perfect conditions for summertime storms, predicts TWN.

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Some areas will see above-normal precipitation, while others will remain pretty dry throughout the season. In short, it’ll be a mixed bag.

“Overall, though, we expect a favourable season for agriculture and numerous sunny days for enjoying outdoor activities.”

This prediction is not unlike the one released by AccuWeather back in May, which says La Niña may lead to more rain than usual this season in Ontario.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, Ontarians could see increased thunderstorm activity throughout the summer.


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“This may be a busy summer in terms of severe thunderstorms, especially from the Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa corridor,” said Anderson.

All of this rain will creature more moisture in the air, leading to more humidity than normal in Ontario this summer.

Cities like Toronto will really be feeling the effects of the humidity this summer. Which is all the more reason to spend it poolside at one of Toronto’s bars with swimming pools and cabanas.