While international travel is easing in and out of Canada, domestic flights seem to be having a moment as well. And as of Monday morning, several Canadian airlines are offering flights from Toronto to Vancouver for $80 and under – all in.

For those who would travel this route occasionally, you’d know this flight is generally around $400 and over. So this is definitely on the cheaper side.

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So who is offering flights this cheap?

First up, the lowest cost to travel to Vancouver is through Flair Airlines. While it isn’t immediate flights, Flair Airlines has a $69 one-way flight from Toronto to Vancouver in September. So if you’re a planner, this one is for you.

Image via Flair Airlines

Next up is the new airline on the block, Lynx Air. The recently launched Canadian airline is also offering cheaper flights in September, which is technically end of summer. At this time, you’ll be able to find flights at $79 one-way to Vancouver.

Image via Lynx Air

Perhaps surprisingly, WestJet is also offering cheaper flights to the west coast. And, for earlier than Flair and Lynx. WestJet has $80 flights to Vancouver starting this June. So if you’re looking to head out sooner than later, these flights are quite a deal.

Image via WestJet

And finally, Swoop has $69 flights, but as you may know, it doesn’t fly directly to Vancouver. Swoop’s cheap flights leave from YYZ but land in Abbotsford. So if you have a ride, or can make your way into Vancouver, this is a great low-cost option.

Image via Swoop

So will you be travelling out west, or heading abroad this year?