What better way to embrace the upcoming warm spring and summer weather than with a day at an Ontario Park? Well, if you own a Toronto Library card you can borrow a free day-use pass with your library card!

The Ontario Parks Pass is a borrowable vehicle permit that provides day-use access for all occupants in your vehicle and here’s how to utilize it.

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According to the Toronto Public Library, “with a valid TPL card, you can put a hold on an Ontario Parks Pass and check it out for up to one week.”

The pass covers the cost of park admission, is valid for day use only and does not cover overnight stays or the costs of renting equipment.

If you choose to utilize the Ontario Parks Pass through Toronto Public Library, TPL recommends always planning ahead – writing, “Park capacity limits still apply and parks close when they are full.”

You can get a head start on planning your day trip by checking out the Ontario Parks and availability here.

It’s important to also remember that the Ontario Parks Pass needs to be returned to Toronto Public Library and not doing so can result in a hefty penalty.

Toronto Public Library states that anyone borrowing a pass must return it at the end of the one-week borrowing period.

A replacement fee for the pass ($225) will be charged for passes that are not returned on time and your borrowing privileges will be affected.

Who knew a Toronto Public Library card came with such cool perks? Enjoy your day trip with the Ontario Parks Pass and don’t forget to return it!