Ontario Parks have so much to offer including protected forests all across the province! If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors or just wants to explore something new then these Ontario Parks forests are the perfect destination this spring.

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Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest at Arrowhead Provincial Park


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This forest at Arrowhead Provincial Park has it all!

Although this forest can be accessed all year round, Ontario Parks states that from mid-to-late May, the forest floor “is beautifully blanketed with White Trilliums.”

There are seven different tree species to check out in this forest and guests can also enjoy Big Bend Lookout which offers a view of the surrounding forest and landscape, including the Big East River Delta.

Where: Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest, Arrowhead Provincial Park, Huntsville, ON
When: Open year-round

Carolinian forest at Rondeau Provincial Park

Rondeau Provincial Park protects old-growth Carolinian forest which is open all year round to check out.

Because of its southern Ontario location, this forest ecosystem experiences warmer year-round temperatures, supporting a high level of biodiversity!

Take in the stunning sights of the Tulip Tree Trail, a 1.2 km barrier-free loop featuring a boardwalk and “the chance to view many Carolinian tree species such as tulip tree, Sassafras, and Shagbark Hickory.”

Where: Carolinian forest, Rondeau Provincial Park, Morpeth, ON
When: Open year-round

Frontenac Axis at Frontenac Provincial Park

North of Kingston is where you’ll find Frontenac Axis at Frontenac Provincial Park.

According to Ontario Parks, “The Frontenac Axis is a southwestern projection of the Canadian Shield that connects the northern shield environment of Algonquin Provincial Park to the southern deciduous forests of the Adirondack Mountains.”

There are over 100 km of hiking and backpacking trails here with a variety of trails showcasing the diverse and spectacular ecosystems of Frontenac.

Where: Frontenac Axis, Frontenac Provincial Park, Sydenham, ON
When: Open year-round

Red and White Pine forest at Caliper Lake Provincial Park

Red and White Pine forest can be found at Caliper Lake Provincial Park, located between Fort Frances and Kenora.

The Red and White Pines in this forest are estimated to have originated over 180 years ago!

This is a great forest to camp in if that’s up your alley.

Where: Red and White Pine forest, Caliper Lake Provincial Park, Nestor Falls, ON
When: Opens May 17th, 2024

Deciduous mixed forest at Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Staying in northern Ontario – Deciduous mixed forest is at Pancake Bay Provincial Park just north of Sault Ste. Marie.

The park lies within the northern part of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest region and features lush forests mainly dominated by Sugar Maple and Yellow Birch.

Check out the park’s Lookout Trail for the best views of the surrounding forest. During early-to-mid May is the best time to observe the pinkish-red tones of Sugar Maple flowers in bloom!

Where: Deciduous mixed forest, Pancake Bay Provincial Park, Batchawana Bay, ON
When: Opens May 3rd, 2024

Don’t forget, if you’re exploring for the day you’ll need to reserve your vehicle permit in advance.

Enjoy these fantastic Ontario Parks forests!