Ontario has no shortage of small towns with rich history, beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions. But sometimes a town can draw your attention with one thing – its name. From Bath to Stinking Creek – we’ve put together a list of 10 Ontario small towns with names that will make you look twice.

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Ever thinking about living in a bath? Oops, I mean in Bath.

Yep – Bath, Ontario is a village near Kingston and according to its website, it is one of the oldest communities in Ontario, first settled by the United Empire Loyalists in 1784!

Where: Bath, ON


Welcome to the town of Emo! Try not to get too sad.

Emo is located in the far north end of the province, about 180 km away from Kenora.

According to Emo, it “was settled in the early 1880’s by pioneers who arrived to free homesteads. The settlers were confronted by many hardships and hard work in the undomesticated country.” Hmmm, maybe that’s why it’s called Emo?

Where: Emo, ON


The small town of Tiny.

Tiny’s name may be cute but this town in the southern Georgian Bay region has lots to offer including beautiful trails and public beaches!

Where: Tiny, ON


We’re keeping these names simple so far but they sure are effective.

Wawa is located near Lake Superior National Park in northern Ontario and while it’s well known for the stunning views of Lake Superior it is also known for the giant goose monument hovering in town.

Where: Wawa, ON


Another northern town!

Moonbeam is near Timmins, Ontario and they take their name pretty seriously as you will find a giant “fly saucer” when you enter the town.

According to Moonbeam’s website, “Summer calls for swimming, fishing and wild berry picking; Autumn leads families into the woods for small and large game hunting; Winter weekends are spent ice-fishing, snowmobile riding, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.”

Where: Moonbeam, ON

Ball’s Falls

Okay, don’t laugh. Ball’s Falls is actually a conservation area but I had to put it on this list.

Ball’s Falls is in Lincoln, Ontario and while the name is funny it actually is a stunning spot to visit!

Where: Lincoln, ON

Pickle Lake

No, sadly there is no lake full of pickles here.

Pickle Lake is a town that has another claim to fame – it’s the province’s most northerly community 530 km north of Thunder Bay. It’s the very last stop along Highway 599.

Where: Pickle Lake, ON

Crotch Lake

Yeah…this place exists.

Crotch Lake is a popular spot – one of the largest and most accessible lakes in the North Frontenac Park Lands Program located just under two hours away from Ottawa.

Where: Crotch Lake, North Frontenac, ON

We can’t help but love these small towns in Ontario with strange names!