Does it look like your grocery bill is getting more and more expensive every day? Well, you’re not alone. It’s hitting a little bit harder on the wallet these days. But what if we told you there’s a place where you can find some of your favourite brands AND more for up to 70% off?

Believe it or not, it’s true! The Grocery Outlet is Ontario’s hidden gem for inexpensive grocery items with huge discounts.

By now you might be wondering, “what’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one really – let us explain how it works.

According to The Grocery Outlet, they work directly with most manufacturers to buy products at the lowest possible cost.

These items are manufactured “as first quality but due to minor imperfections they may not meet factory specifications.”

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Sometimes manufacturers change the packaging, items are discontinued or a slightly damaged exterior – the food is still in great condition to eat.

“Like many other manufacturers, food manufacturers often have overstocks, product seconds and occasions when they need to “close out” or liquidate a product,” reads the grocer’s website.

“The manufacturer may not be able to sell it to the intended retailer or restaurant so they sell it to us at dramatically discounted prices! Often you can save 30-70% off regular suggested retail.”

Per their Instagram account, items like Happy Planet oat milk have been on sale for $1 each, Silk dairy-free shredded cheese for $2.99, and more.


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It’s important to note that sometimes these items are close to their expiry date but you can always find ways to preserve them like freezing your goods to stay fresher for much longer.

It’s not like your traditional grocery store where you will be certain to find the same items every time – that will depend on the shipment they receive.

But it doesn’t hurt to check out all they have to offer.

There are currently 13 locations across Ontario, one of them being in Toronto at 1150 Sheppard Avenue West.

If you’re able to make the trip to your nearest location, it’s definitely worth checking out what The Grocery Outlet has to offer.