All this talk about autumn activities is making us wonder when Ontario’s fall leaves will peak this year.

Well, a new Ontario Fall Colour Report by Discover Muskoka might give us a clue about what we can expect this year.

The report is based on historical trends of when the leaves typically change colours in the province.

“There are many factors that affect when the fall colours will be best for viewing, and these conditions and dates may change slightly from year to year,” says Discover Muskoka.

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According to their report, Ontarians can enjoy early fall colour viewing opportunities from September 24 to 30.

Maple trees typically reach their peak from October 1 to 12.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the views, these provincial parks have extended their camping season into October to coincide with Ontario’s peak fall colours.

Ontario’s “peak golden encore” fall colour viewing opportunities typically last from around October 13 to 21.

That’s when poplar and birch trees, which are the last to turn colour, begin to “go up in a blaze of golden yellow,” says Discover Muskoka.


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However, most of us know that there are still plenty of golden leaves on the trees through late October and into November.

If you really want to maximize your fall viewing opportunitis, this map shows you where the colours are starting to peak at Ontario’s provincial parks.

The map lists all of the provincial park locations and where they currently stand in terms of their fall colour report.

To date, there are a few parks where leaves are already beginning to change. However, you should check the map regularly to see when the real action starts.