Just in time for Nuit Blanche, a unique new display is coming to the city. The installation, called Confluence, will be located in a “secret” room under the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

Brought to us by The Bentway and Exhibition Place, the massive art commission will take over an otherwise inaccessible storage chamber under the busy highway.

The artists behind the project are a Maine-based duo who go by the name Striped Canary. The display also includes riveting sound work by Toronto sound field composer and artist Anne Bourne.

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Photo via The Bentway

“Inspired by the water systems that have shaped Toronto, Confluence invites visitors to flow through an engrossing convergence of natural and human-made forces,” the description says.

“Contorting a common park fixture – the picnic bench – the artists used 2×4 lumber to form a series of undulating  ‘waves’, which dive into and out of the concrete architecture of the Gardiner.”

Confluence opens to the public on October 1. Admission is free (or PWYC), and reservations are required.

Photo via The Bentway

The next batch of tickets will be released online on October 4.

If this display is nearly as spectacular as last year’s Pulse Topology installation under the Gardiner Expressway, this is not one to miss!


Where: Under the Gardiner at Exhibition Place
When: October 1-30, 2022 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Cost: Free or PWYC