Ontario, don’t be alarmed! This is definitely a drill. The Emergency Alert System will be tested across certain provinces in Canada this afternoon, including Ontario.

On May 10th at about 12:55 PM, your phones will blare, as well as radio and T.Vs will play an emergency alert in Ontario in an effort to test the Alert Ready system for when it is necessary.

“A test message may be issued for either public awareness or technical testing purposes,” according to the system.

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According to Alert Ready, the emergency system is used in specific circumstances such as fire, biological, hazardous, environmental, natural, national security, civil emergencies, and admin which just so happens to be the test.

For the full description of warnings and what each category includes, click here.

Last year, Ontario issued 187 alerts in 2022 which includes nine 911 Services; five AMBER alerts; nine civil emergencies; six thunderstorms, and 158 tornadoes.

Another alert test is scheduled for November 25th, 2023 at around the same time in Ontario. The schedule can be found online.

Consider yourself warned!