We’re suckers for a good-looking restaurant. It gives us something to look at while we awkwardly dine alone. CLAY Restaurant is one of Toronto’s prettiest eateries, but you probably haven’t even walked past it!

This airy spot is up on the third floor of the Gardiner Museum, so we wouldn’t blame you if you’re not familiar. Ah, a ceramic museum. Clay. We see the connection.



CLAY Restaurant owes it’s incredible interior to Denizens of Design Inc. The interior is bright, blending perfect neutrals and soft pastels. Everything is awash in natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout.

Here, Chef Bianca Azupardo invents incredible seasonal menus, packed with local ingredients. Right now, the menu is Savour: Food culture in the Age of Enlightenment. Have you ever heard a menu so museum-y?

clay restaurant


The special menu features dishes like Parisienne gnocchi with duck confit and cranberry jus. Or, dive into pumpkin soup with creme fraiche and candied pumpkin seeds. Hella festive!

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clay restaurant

clay restaurant

If you’re looking for the mainstay menu, you’ll find rave-worthy Fogo Island fish and chips, along with delicious tomatillo shakshuka with fried eggs and sourdough. Dang, we need to stop writing about food before lunch.

Don’t skip dessert here- right now, they’re featuring to-die-for crumble and a chocolate cremeux with coconut whipped cream. We’d like thirds, thank you. No takeout box needed.



We don’t know how into ceramics you are (we’re a solid 4.5/10 into ceramics ourselves), but we know that it’s totally worth it to grab a meal in this gorgeous restaurant. Hey, maybe you’re more into ceramics than you thought. Only one way to find out!


Where: 111 Queen’s Park, third floor