Travel is making its way back to reality and while still risky, so many are itching to hit the airport, suitcase in tow. The only question is, where will you head first?! After nearly two years of being unable to explore, your first destination should be a special one and we know just the place. In fact, we know 22 of them – and spoiler, one, isn’t even all that far from home. Here are the best places to go in 2022 as listed by CN Traveler!

“As we look ahead to what 2022 has in store, it’s clear that our travel priorities have changed. We’re no longer checking destinations off a list; instead, we’re being purposeful about why we choose to take a trip,” they wrote.

“This year’s list of the best places to visit reflects these shifts in thinking: We’ve organized these destinations based on some of our favourite reasons to travel, from exhilarating food and drink scenes and historic sites to explore, to new places to soak in the great outdoors.”

From coast to coast, sea to sea – these magical spots were selected by their editors and showcase some truly incredible places including Alberta – which was the only Canadian location to snag a coveted spot in the Arts and Culture category.

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Revered for its snow-capped mountains, CN Traveler advised people to check out their many museums including Fort Edmonton, which is the largest living history museum in the country, as well as one-of-a-kind events like Jasper’s Dark Sky Festival and Banff’s Nightrise at the gondola – both of which we would also recommend checking out.

In addition to the prairie province, CNT also named Birmingham, Alabama and Serbia as places to go if you’re looking for is amazing food; Rapa Nui in Chile and London as the best historic spots, and Cape Verde under their ‘transportation’ category – but this is only a fraction of their list.

Here are the other places that CN Traveler named the best places to go in 2022:



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  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Serbia
  • Trøndelag County, Norway



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  • Alberta, Canada
  • Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Istanbul



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  • London
  • Querétaro, Mexico
  • Rapa Nui, Chile


  • Cape Verde
  • The Great Lakes
  • Kyushu, Japan
  • Uzbekistan



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  • Gabon
  • Sicily, Italy
  • Singapore



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  • Honduras
  • Malta
  • Panama
  • Sumba, Indonesia
  • West Virginia

And there you have it, folks! For more information or to see the entire list for yourself, check out their website here. Now, go forth and see the world, folks – just make sure you do it safely. Enjoy!