If you reaped the benefits of free street parking in Toronto on statutory holidays in the past, it was for the last time. The Toronto Police Service announced Monday that it will begin enforcing paid on-street parking in Toronto on statutory holidays as soon as this month. Here’s everything you need to know.

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According to the Toronto Police Service, “Effective February 19, 2024, the Toronto Police Service will begin enforcing paid on-street parking on statutory holidays in Toronto.”

“Historically, the Toronto Police Service’s Parking Enforcement Unit did not enforce paid on-street parking on these holidays, a decision rooted in past bylaws and operational choices.”

The announcement states the reasoning for the change is “a response to the evolving needs of our growing city, where the demand for parking has significantly increased.”

Toronto Police Service also adds another reason for the paid on-street parking on holidays is a “measure to address the increasing competition for curb space and the need for efficient parking management.”

If you’re wondering where the money being collected for the on-street holiday parking is going, the Toronto Police Service says, “On-street parking rates are controlled by, and collected for, the City of Toronto.”

On-street parking in Toronto just got a little more expensive.

Paid On-Street Parking on Statutory Holidays

When: Starting February 19th, 2024 on statutory holidays
Where: Toronto, ON