If your idea of a perfect evening involves a cozy blanket, an endless supply of snacks, and a Netflix marathon, then we’ve got the dream job for you. You can become an Official TV Binger!

To celebrate National Binge Day on September 25th, OnlineCasinos.com is embarking on a quest to answer the age-old question: Which Netflix series reigns supreme in the binge-watching universe?

Is it the deadly games of Squid Game, the supernatural mysteries of Stranger Things, or the quirkiness of Wednesday?

The company is on a mission to find the ultimate TV binger who’s up to the task!

Picture this: You could be getting paid (yes, with real money!) to indulge in some of the most binge-worthy Netflix series ever created.

You’ll also receive a generous budget to cover a year’s worth of Netflix subscriptions and all the snacks your heart desires!

The chosen champion will pocket a cool $2,000, with an extra $500 to keep your snack stash well-stocked and your Netflix queue flowing.

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But, you won’t just be lounging around. Your skills will be put to the test as you rate each TV series in five key categories:

  1. Bingeability rating – How likely are you to watch more than one episode in a single sitting?
  2. Distractibility rating – How often did you get distracted while you were watching?
  3. Snoozability rating – Is the series likely to bore you to sleep?
  4. ‘Take two’ rating – Would you re-watch the series?
  5. The grand finale rating – How mind-blown were you by the season finale?

You’ll be diving into the top three Netflix series of all time – Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Wednesday – over the course of a month.

So, if you’re ready to turn your binge-watching skills into a paying gig, you have until September 25th: at 11:59 PM to apply.

You can send in your application online right here for the Official TV Binger job. Good luck!