We hope you’re hungry, Vancouver! One of the world’s first vegan fast-food chains is making its way to B.C. and Alberta, and we couldn’t be more excited. While folks in Ontario might already be familiar with the brand, Odd Burger is taking the ‘slow and steady’ approach when it comes to expanding to western Canada.

However, Tuesday, May 17th marks a pretty big move. Odd Burger officially announced that they’re coming to Vancouver!

The move:

“This city is ready for more plant-based options, especially at a reasonable price, and we think Odd Burger is the right opportunity for us as franchisees as well as for Vancouver,” said Stephen Wall. “We are now evaluating the best sites and can’t wait to be up and running.”

In Victoria, their franchisees continue to scout for the perfect location. However, Calgary’s spot at 1515 14th Street SW is newly secured, so stay tuned for updates on their location if you’re in the area! If they’re open by Stampede, you better believe we’ll be there.

The food:

While it’ll still be a couple of months before Odd Burger opens in Vancouver, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be happy for their other locations, no matter how begrudgingly. What’s more, there’s nothing stopping us from doing a deep dive into their menu!

Delicious ‘wingalings’ and all-vegan dipping sauces, ChickUN BacUN poutine with dairy-free ranch, and fan-favourite desserts like their oat-based soft serve…yeah. We’re feeling pretty great about this move.

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Take a peek at their socials every once in a while for updates on their move to western Canada, and more menu items to make you book that flight to Calgary ASAP.

We’ll keep you posted, Vancouver. Until then, happy menu scrolling!