Whether you’re a born and bred Vancouverite or came to the city from somewhere else, chances are, seeing the food of your childhood in the grocery aisle makes you feel a little sentimental. For international immigrants, this feeling does not come often enough. Prepare yourself for the taste of nostalgia at Vancouver’s newest snack shop: Snack Attack.

Rish Dhall and Samantha Paredes wanted to find a store with snacks that would transport them back to their home countries and childhoods. So they opened one.


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Their shelves are stocked with some seriously tasty international eats, including Tamarind flavoured Mirinda soda, Dr. Pepper cotton candy, Pulparindo, ‘salsaghetti’ candy, and much much more.

Since the experience of homesickness can be particularly painful for immigrants, the couple wanted to help alleviate that for folks in Vancouver—one lip-smacking snack at a time.

Whether you’re seeking old comforts or want to try something new from a different part of the world, Snack Attack has a little something for everyone.


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The pair opened their doors on April 20th, so make sure to stop by Kingsway and Windsor Street to celebrate with some snacks, candy, and good vibes!

Stay tuned via their Instagram for future taste tests and updates, including the release of a subscription snack box.

Enjoy the munchies, Vancouver.

Snack Attack

When: Now open
Where: 1022 Kingsway