Photographers, space enthusiasts, night owls and romance seekers – we hope you’re hot off a good night’s sleep because this evening, the sky is going dancing! Whether you live in Ontario or Alberta, Southern Canadians are encouraged to stay up late for a Northern Lights show of blues, greens and magic.

According to Canada’s Aurora Forecast, Astronomy North and the NOAA’s Space weather service, those lucky enough to see clear skies and enough energy to keep their eyes open could be in for an impressive display, as a geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for Thursday, August 18th.


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A collision of gaseous particles and our atmosphere, the Aurora Borealis is often visible to those living in the Northern hemisphere; however, every once in a while, when the sun is more active, the lights are pushed down and out, giving Canadians further away from the Earth’s poles a better seat for the natural phenomenon.

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Of course, it is important to note that weather, no matter where you are in the solar system can be pretty unpredictable – so don’t bet your life on seeing tonight’s Aurora, but stay enthusiastic!

Nothing is promised, but it’s looking pretty good. Who knows you could be among the lucky ones!

Good luck, bring snacks, remember to tag us in your photos and enjoy!