We are barely out of the holiday season. So naturally, our wallets are somewhat (a polite way of saying ‘heavily’) depleted. And relying on Happy Hours is our only option if we are to curb our food and drink cravings without breaking our bank accounts completely. Normally, that would’ve meant having to endure the long wait for the weekend. But thanks to Moxies, we don’t have to put celebration and fun on hold.

Photo via Curiocity

The popular resto has weekday Happy Hours from Monday through Friday, 2 pm – 5 pm and in most locations, even 9 pm to closing. Meaning you don’t have to sit around waiting for the weekend to celebrate your mid-week wins. Be it a team lunch with the office squad or a nightcap with the gang, Moxies has got you covered all the way.

Now here’s the part that’s going to make you and your wallets even happier- the Happy Hour menu starts at $5 and stays south of $15 for the most part. $5 highballs and $5 shrimp tacos anyone?

Photos via Curiocity

Plus, the menu with its 21 options has a little something for everyone- highball fans or wine enthus, chicken wing-lovers (guilty) or calamari fanatics. You’ll even find some vegan options up there. That reminds us,  vegan or not, you’ve got to try their tofu lettuce wraps.

Here, check out their Happy Hour menu to spot your faves. Oh, and in case you need some visual foodgasm before bed, head over to their Insta!