Human beings have an obsession with size. Whether it be a mammal or item with out-of-the-ordinary dimensions, we can’t help but stop, stare or watch 20 Tiktok’s about how it exists, This weekend, Calgarians are encouraged to point their peepers to the city skyline and watch in wonder as North America’s largest marionette DAVID, climbs Eau Caire’s Devon Tower as part of Beakerhead’s STEAM-Inspired celebration showcasing some of the art festival’s best and brightest.

In participation with the Calgary International Film Festival, this supersized marionette, led by expert puppeteers and operators, will begin to ascend the inner-city building at approximately 7 pm on September 25th.

At 34 feet tall, this absolute giant will scale all 39-floors of the recognizable structure in a show of resilience and hope.

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Photo via @undergroundcircu / Instagram

Now when we say that this full articulate beast of a piece – we mean it. Create using 800 ft of half-inch aluminum rod, at 1,200 ft of rope DAVID is the only marionette in the world, capable of holding full performances in his hands. Crazy, right? 

Created by The Underground Circus company in Vancouver, this big guy has travelled around the continent and now – he’s here!

“We’re beyond thrilled to be able to delight Calgarians with a collective experience – coming together to be curious, to cheer on DAVID, and in turn, celebrate each other,” said Jennifer Martin, interim-CEO at Beakerhead

“DAVID’s climb, reach by reach, story by story, will demonstrate for all of us the power of human potential and the universality of the human experience.”

This really will be something to watch, folks so do not miss it!

It’s going to be… HUGE!


When: Saturday, September 25th
Where: 400 3 Ave SW, Calgary
Time: 7 pm – 10 pm
Cost: FREE