We don’t have to tell you that airports have been in the news a lot lately. From endless flight delays, to cancellations, we’ve seen it all this year. And it isn’t just Edmonton International Airport that has had it rough over the past several months, according to the 2022 North America Airport Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power.

It seems that the combination of labour shortages and a resurgence in air travel has created the perfect storm for airport chaos.

Passenger satisfaction has dropped significantly since 2021, the major reasons being flight cancellations, crowded terminals, overpriced food and beverage offerings, and having nowhere to park.

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The 2022 North America Airport Satisfaction Study states that it measures overall traveller satisfaction with “mega, large and medium North American airports by examining six factors (in order of importance): terminal facilities; airport arrival/departure; baggage claim; security check; check-in/baggage check; and food, beverage and retail. Mega airports are defined as those with 33 million or more passengers per year; large airports with 10 to 32.9 million passengers per year; and medium airports with 4.5 to 9.9 million passengers per year.”

So how did Edmonton International Airport do? Not great.

Image via J.D. Power

In the “medium” airport category, Edmonton came in below average with 799 points out of 1000. Dominating this category were Indianapolis International Airport, and Pittsburg International Airport, which came in at first and second.

At the bottom of the category were Hollywood Burbank Airport, and Hahului Airport.

The study is based on 26,529 completed surveys from U.S. or Canadian residents who travelled through at least one U.S. or Canadian airport during the past 30 days.

Michael Taylor, travel intelligence lead at J.D. Power says crowded airports, rising prices, and passenger frustrations “is likely to continue through 2023.”

So how do we feel about the Edmonton International Airport? Not too great apparently.

Looks like we’ll just have to continue to pack our patience at the airport.