Sink your teeth into this, Canada! A new Big Mac has arrived at a McDonald’s near you and it’s the classic burger you know and love with an exciting twist.

Starting on Tuesday, March 7th, the Chicken Big Mac will be available at McDonald’s locations across Canada.

The new menu item comes with “two chicken patties made with 100% Canadian raised seasoned chicken breast in a crispy, light-tasting coating on a freshly toasted sesame-seed bun,” the description says.

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Photo via McDonald’s Canada

It’s finished with all of the classic fixings, including Big Mac sauce, fresh lettuce, processed cheddar cheese, and tangy pickles.

The new Big Mac is only available in Canada for a limited time, so be sure to try it while you can!

There are several other chicken-based items to enjoy on the menu too, including the McChicken, McCrispy, and McNuggets.

The chain is giving Canadians all kinds of tasty drops this year, including Big Mac sauce and the new Raptors-themed Siakam Swirl McFlurry.

With all of these new goodies to try, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a trip to your nearest golden arches.