It was another doozy of a storm in southern Ontario yesterday and some regions got hit hard. Environment Canada began issuing severe thunderstorm and tornado alerts on Tuesday evening and not long afterward, the action began. While Toronto and the GTA got hit with heavy rainfall and lightning, it looks like Bruce County got the worst of the damage.

Weather Network storm chaser Mark Robinson captured the intense storm in the township of Kingsbridge and Lucknow, where he says a tornado touched down. The footage shows the storm ripping through the region, making the rain and chunks of hail look like a blizzard as it came down.

It’s no surprise that the storm left serious damage in its wake, taking down trees and even a roof.

The cloud definitely resembled a tornado in Port Albert, Ontario, just a short drive from Lucknow.

The size of the hail was unbelievable and almost looked like snow on the ground in this video.

Thankfully, though, members of the community came together to clean up after the storm.

This isn’t the end of the brutal weather here in Ontario this year. In fact, it looks like we’re in for a stormy winter ahead. Buckle up!