The City of Toronto is home to Little India, two Little Italies, Little Portugal, Greektown, Chinatown, Koreatown and many other ethnic neighbourhoods that offer culinary experiences as authentic as they come. 

After having discovered our Never Have I Ever, TO moments in some of the trendiest neighbourhoods outside downtown, we’re now set to embark on a culinary adventure through Toronto because ‘never had we ever’ enjoyed these amazing food tours before now. Interestingly, taking food tours on 6 consecutive days was an experience in itself. You didn’t think we took them all on the same day, did you?

toronto food tours
Photo by Curiocity

Before we move forward, let’s jog your memory- Never Have I Ever, TO is a citywide game initiated by Destination Toronto in collaboration with the City of Toronto. The two together are making backyard travel fun by urging Torontonians to explore new experiences within (and on the outskirts of) the city in order to support local tourism and small businesses, and then share their NHIETO moments on social media with #NeverHaveIEverTO.

Destination Toronto even offers a My Toronto Pass (MTP) that gets you great value on experiences throughout the city. In fact, some of the tours listed below will offer you great value on MTP.

Here’s our list of some of the best food tours in Toronto that will familiarize you with some of the best local and authentic eateries in town. Plus, you’ll have a gram full of NHIETO moments and a belly full of delightful delicacies.

The Great Canadian Food Tour by Chopsticks + Forks (MTP discount available)

toronto food tours
via Chopsticks + Forks

What better way to start supporting local tourism than a tasting tour of Canadian-born foods in one of the hippest and happiest neighbourhoods. The food tour covers 5 delectable Canadian delicacies including Ojibwe-inspired Tacos and Peameal Bacon Sandwich among others. Yes, we are sold!

Kensington Market International Food Tour by Chopsticks + Forks

We’ve walked up and down Kensington Market a million times. Each time, we walk straight up to our favourite hangout spot to grab the exact same beer we do every time. You’ve probably done the same. It’s about time we truly explored flavours of the market (think the likes of smoked trout bagel sandwich, Jamaican patty, Tibetan momos) we so love. The food tour is as eclectic as the market itself.

King & Queen West Sunday Brunch Tour by Toronto Food Tours

toronto food tours
via Toronto Food Tours

Our favourite destination and our favourite meal clubbed together! Of course, this food tour made the cut. Yes, there are eggs and croissants brunch because brunch wouldn’t be complete without them but there’s a lot more to this tour. A perfect reflection of the city’s diversity, the food tour also includes Syrian Manaeesh, Korean buns and Italian Bomba among other mouthwatering treats.

St. Lawrence Market Food Tour by Culinary Adventure Co.

You’re probably tired of reading “Best Food Market in the World” (a title National Geographic bestowed upon it) every time you see the mention of St Lawrence. Well, this tour is your chance to understand the association. From Portuguese tarts to local cheeses, this food tour is a must-try, gastronomic geek or not.

Corktown, Canary and Distillery Historic District Food Tour by Toronto Food Tours

The 19th-century structures are spectacular, the striking contrast between the historic Distillery District and the new Canary is remarkable, the food is downright fabulous. But let’s be honest, the highlight of this food tour is the tour and tasting at the new distillery. Food tour with craft beer? Well, count us in.

Chocolate Tour by Tasty Tours

toronto food tours
via Tasty Tours

Because it’s always best to end on a sweet note, especially when talking food, here’s one for us chocoholics, a bean-to-bar chocolate tour. This is not a ‘pick a chocolate, enjoy it and forget about it’ kind of tour but a chocolate tasting 101. It is an educational experience that combines the fun of relishing the world’s best-awarded chocolates while learning the art of chocolate tasting and understanding our own palette.

Dig in, Torontonians!

Our next #NeverHaveIEverTO moments will happen as we staycation two ways- on a budget and luxury style. Stay tuned, Toronto!