If you thought Alberta was exciting before, just wait, because soon, it’ll be rich with lights, cameras and even more action.

According to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), Netflix has taken a liking to Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding areas, signing a 3-year deal which will bring stability to production and our many talented motion picture crews.

“The new agreement reflects a pragmatic and fair labour relations model in our jurisdiction,” said Local 212 President Damian Petti.

“The needs of our members have been prioritized while recognizing what is important to Netflix in a very competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. We are very excited by the prospect of future growth that this partnership can bring.”

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Likewise, Albertans in the area will have more consistent work and better working conditions.

“Protecting our member’s health and safety is as important as ensuring they are fairly compensated. Travel to and from distant locations, proper meal breaks, accommodations, and long hours of work have all been protected in our terms.” Petti added.

“We will continue to stand firm on things like weekend turnaround and overtime pay.”

Big things are happening, Alberta! We can’t wait to see what Netflix brings to Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Here’s to movie magic and the people who make it happen.