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2 Canadian destinations make National Geographic’s ‘Best Of The World’ list for 2023

The globe is vast and the competition was stiff, but National Geographic recently revealed their 2023 ‘Best of The World’ List and two Canadian destinations made the cut!

Grouped into five different categories (adventure, culture, nature, family and community), 25 entries were selected by the global editors of National Geographic Traveller with an additional 10 taken from the UK edition.

These outstanding locations ranged from large cities to underrated regions, states, islands and provinces with extravagant experiences, incredible restaurants and tightly knit communities – but two really stood out to us.

Revered for its breathtaking landscapes and connected Indigenous community, Alberta was honoured in the ‘community’ bracket – which is a pretty prestigious spot to claim!

“Alberta is celebrated for its natural wonders like the Athabasca Glacier and Banff National Park, both high in the Rocky Mountains; its wide-open prairie vistas; and the glass-and-steel modernity of cities like Calgary and Edmonton,” they wrote.

“But there are different perspectives to consider in this Canadian province, part of a rethinking about how Indigenous stories are told across all of North America.”

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In addition (also in the community) Nova Scotia was given a nod for its unique Acadian culture, which is at the heart of the eastern city.

“The parishes of southern Louisiana have long been associated with the Acadians, France’s settlers in the New World. But the first Acadia lay further north, centred in Canada’s Atlantic Maritime provinces like Nova Scotia.”

As for the complete list? The following made up this year’s Best of The World list for 2023:


1. Appian Way, Italy
2. Busan, South Korea
3. Longmen Grottoes, Henan Province, China
4. Egypt
5. Charleston, South Carolina
6. Vilnius, Lithuania
7. Hauts-de-France, France


8. Scottish Highlands
9. Slovenia
10. Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA
11. Azores
12. Botswana
13. Guyana
14. Tanzania


15. New Zealand
16. Choquequirao, Peru
17. Utah, USA
18. Austrian Alps
19. Revillagigedo National Park, Mexico
20. Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico
21. Bhutan


22. Dodecanese Islands, Greece
23. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
24. Alberta, Canada
25. Laos
26. Ghana
27. Nova Scotia, Canada


29. San Francisco
30. Trinidad and Tobago
31. Colombia
32. Manchester, UK
33. Switzerland
34. Bath
35. Wicklow, Ireland

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