In our opinion, few countries rival the North’s beauty, but this week only one province found itself on National Geographic’s list showcasing the 25 most breathtaking places and experiences in the world for 2023.

Created, researched, reported, and written in collaboration with National Geographic international’s editorial teams, this year’s collection celebrates states, provinces, and parks that “illuminate” diversity around the globe.

Among these one-of-a-kind destinations were Botswana and Slovenia, Egypt, Peru, and South Carolina, which were grouped into one of 5 categories – family, adventure, culture, and nature, though, it was their newest category, community, where Canada saw its inclusion.

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“For 2023, Nat Geo’s “Best of the World” is themed around travel destinations and experiences that leverage the benefits of tourism to strengthen their local communities and environments, both natural and built. Alberta was selected in the Community category,” they wrote.

Revered for its ability to celebrate both long-held traditions and contemporary perspectives, the prairie province, and its Indigenous-led Tourism are a must-see, in addition to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Karpathos, Greece, Ghana, and Laos, which were also mentioned.

“We couldn’t be prouder to shine a light on these 25 extraordinary places that most inspired us this year, and which we know will define travelers’ itineraries for years to come,” they continued.

“From craft breweries and Asia’s top film festival in Busan, South Korea, to women-led Indigenous tourism in Alberta, Canada, and the densest leatherback turtle nesting ground in the world in Trinidad and Tobago, this year’s list reminds us that there is still so much out there to explore and experience.”

To see this year’s list of the 25 most breathtaking places for 2023 you can read it here – or to see other “best in the world” lists, you can click here. 

Happy adventuring, Canada!