While it’s been nearly 3 years since the cast of Ghostbusters: Afterlife filmed their well-received movie in Alberta, the star-powered afterglow continues to keep movie lovers warm. From silos to crops, hills, and storefronts – some of the area’s most beautiful places were plastered across screens all over the world and that’s still something worth celebrating.

Of course, while the foundation was just right, set designers still had their work cut out for them, as explained in a new video posted by Mythbusters star and special effects mastermind, Adam Savage.

With nothing but an open field and a vision supervising location manager, Bruce Brownstein, explained how they built one of the film’s most iconic sets from the ground up.

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While on camera, the farm that the main character Callie inherits looks like it had been there for years – it was actually pieced together using structures from other properties as well as their on-staff engineers.

“[director] Jason Reitman had an idea of a particular farm in farmland, but having there be a rise in the landscape,” Brownstein said. “We looked for a rise where we could create the set or we looked for old barns that would give us a starting point.”

Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t find both within a reasonable distance from Calgary, so they purchased and transported a 130-year-old barn from one farm on the empty land of another by cutting it into pieces and then re-building it on the set.


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From there, they had their team build the house itself (which is crazy), laid gravel for the many trucks and trailers, and brought in crews from all over the province.

If you’d like to hear more about how they made this place possible, check out the video above in which they take a closer look at everything that had to come together to create such a believable set.

While we may be a little bummed that we can’t take an EMF to the iconic farm (because after filming they had to take it all down) we’re mighty glad that they chose us.

Alberta is THE place, folks. Just call us Hollywood North.