Fans of Squid Game and Hellbound, rejoice! Following the massive success of its recent titles, Netflix announced recently that it will be launching a whopping 25 shows from Korea over 2022- the most it has put out to date. Let’s dive in to what they’re planning, shall we?

According to the release, interest in Korean content on the global streaming service grew a downright ludicrous six-fold between 2019 and 2021. That was thanks in large part to the overnight success of shows like Squid Game and Hellbound, both of which became the number 1 show in dozens of countries upon their release.

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For this year, it’s not all twisted game shows and hellish fantasy we can expect. Some of the titles teased include an adaptation of another iconic Netflix show, Money Heist, to a series focused on a spec-ops team during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

We’ll be bold here and say that whatever they decide to put out, we’re going to go ahead and watch at least the first episode. After all, the world has embraced the K-wave with open arms, and we can’t wait to see what the country’s creators decide to put out next.