Sometimes we all just need a break. Take, for example, the young Toronto resident named Carter Trozzolo who caught the internet’s attention for a hilarious (and relatable) interview while shovelling snow.

CTV News Toronto caught Trozzollo right after Monday’s wild snowstorm, where he explained he wasn’t just shovelling for his family, but for his “neighbours, friends” and “people [he] doesn’t even know.” That’s the Canadian way, Carter!

Naturally, the youngster was a little pooched from the shovelling in his interview.

“Tiring”, he exclaims right off the bat, when asked how the shovelling is going. He then carries on to sigh and moan and groan much like anyone who has shoveled any sidewalk has done. We feel you Carter, we feel you.

The icing on the cake? The genius nameplate of ‘Exhausted’ given by CTV Toronto. Let’s hope the snow stays away so our young Mr. Trozzollo can get himself some rest.

Either that, or we’ll have to wait for someone to get Justin Bieber in touch with him.