If you’re looking for a quintessential fall road trip to take in BC, look no further than Myra-Bellevue Park, which is home to a series of historic bridges that were once part of the Kettle Valley Railway.

The famed Myra Canyon Trestles has been an international destination for cyclists and hikers alike for years, who are treated to breathtaking canyon views on their journey. The path follows the old railway and provides all visitors with a front-row seat to the changing fall colours. So if you’re looking to enjoy some scenic fall landscapes, you know where to head!

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There are a number of trails and tunnels visitors can explore on foot, in addition to a scenic train ride through Kettle Valley (fall rides through October 9th).

For those committed to a hike, you can explore 12 km of trail between the Myra access and June Springs access points, which make for a stunning day trip once the leaves start to change colour.

Note that there is currently ongoing maintenance of the first eight trestles, but all others are open to visitors, and can be accessed by starting from and returning to the Myra Station parking lot.

So there you have it, BC! Happy adventuring.

Myra-Bellevue Park

Where: Stewart Road East, Kelowna, BC

Information on Myra-Bellevue Park is from BC Parks and Tourism Kelowna and is accurate as of publication date.