‘In the shower’ beer, ‘had a long day at work’ beer, ‘game night’ beer, ‘hey, it’s Wednesday’ beer, ‘on a vacay’ beer– we love them all. Clearly, there is no such thing as a “right time” for cracking open a can. There is, however, a “right type” when it comes to our choice of craft beer. Certain flavours, aromas and textures just work better for us. And if Muskoka Brewery is to be believed, our choice of beer says a lot about our personality.

As far as introductions go, no Torontonian needs an intro to the Muskoka Brewery. We’ve been touring and tasting at the brewery forever. And we’ve been enjoying every one of their crisp, lip-smacking sips on the regular. Funny, how we never realized their beers were grouped to match our personalities though. Interesting!

Based on these iconic Torontonian personalities, Muskoka Brewery has 4 primary craft beer groups. Here they go –

Easy Drinking & Refreshing for Toronto Hipsters

For the free-spirited, gallery-hopping, craft-beer favouring lot, Muskoka Brewery has a curated collection of beers, ales, lagers, fruity notes and tropical flavours. Whether you want a supremely flavourful light beer (think Tread Lightly), a crowd favourite Detour Session Ale, or naturally flavoured Muskoka Spirits Hard Sparkling Waters, they’ve got a can for you.

Images via Muskoka Brewery

Unique & Compelling for the Fashion Icons

Listen up fashion icons, Muskoka Brewery has found three extraordinary flavours to match your unapologetic choices and your incredibly unique personality. There is a new release of Big World, Small Batch- Belgium, a golden strong ale from a collaborating Belgium brewery. Then there is the Ebb & Flow with Raspberry, Lemon and Yuzu which features a one-of-kind flavour profile of sweet, sour and tangy. 

Roasted & Toasted for the Career-Focused Hustlers

For the strong-minded, hard to defeat hustlers among us, Muskoka Brewery has the Roasted & Toasted segment that does justice to your palate. From notes of roasted coffee to aromas of rich chocolate to the creamy flavours of caramel, you’ll find everything you need to keep you on top of your game. Grow your Winter Beard through the day or Slam Dunkel your way through the night, it’s a win both ways.

Images via Muskoka Brewery

Bold & Hop Forward for the Social Butterflies

For the socially forward Torontonians, there’s a whole range of hop-forward ales that’ll get you going. With a selection of hops to vibrant aromas, deep (and even extra deep) flavours, fruity notes and citrusy kicks, you’re sure to find your fav sip for your next gathering. Our picks in the lot: Twice As Mad and Hazed & Confused (a gold medal winner in the World Beer Awards!)

Boy, we couldn’t even get through a few paras without our mouths watering. And we believe your experience has been the same. The great news is that you can find many of Muskoka Breweries craft beers at LCBO or even at grocery stores near you. And for others, you can always order online or better yet, make a quick trip to the brewery. Happy beering, you guys!