Good days are on the horizon, Toronto! Not only is patio season officially beginning tomorrow, but the city has just approved an awesome pilot program that’ll make outdoor dining even better. Remember when we told you about the potential of live music on Toronto patios this summer? Now it’s official! The City council gave their approval yesterday.

So, here’s what you need to know. The idea was first brought up by Toronto City Councillor Brad Bradford. He outlined the difficulties Toronto’s music sector has faced over the course of the pandemic and the importance of prioritizing the industry’s recovery. How, exactly? By combining the two things we love most: live music and patios!

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The motion hit the city council this week and was given the go-ahead! It includes patios within Ward 14, Ward 19, and Ward 9; and is set to be implemented this summer. If ya don’t know your wards off the top of your head (we don’t blame you), that’s the Danforth (Ward 14), Beaches (Ward 19), and Davenport (Ward 9) areas.

Councillor Brad Bradford says that they are moving quickly to get all the details in place so the exciting initiative can be implemented ASAP. This pilot program will be a great way to support local musicians and restaurants alike.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see the plan in action this summer! See ya on the patios!

Read the full motion here.