So you’ve seen every kind of horror movie under the sun, and are feeling like they’re just not doing it for you anymore. Well then, maybe it’s time to switch up the setting. A Vancouver museum has a little known offering for the brave, with an ongoing series called ‘Movies in the Morgue’.

Located on the edge of Japantown, the Vancouver Police Museum & Archives specializes in the, well, not so savoury parts of our city’s history. Here, you can learn about everything from major riots to even the more infamous VPD members of yesteryear.

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However, we think that’s second fiddle to the Movies in the Morgue. You see, the museum doubles as the original location of the City Coroner’s Services and the City Analyst’s Laboratory. And naturally, that also means that there is a morgue, which was in service for decades, just chilling in the basement. Chilling? Get it? Of course you did.

And while the morgue is available to visit during regular hours, things get extra spooky for these events. There are some exceptions to the horror theme (The Big Lebowski, which is scheduled at time of writing, is not a horror, but we do like the connection between the setting and the ability to ‘get a toe’), but the vast majority of showtimes are all about things that will keep you up at night.

Pair that with a setting that is sure to give you the heebies jeebies, and a concession for popcorn and drinks, and this option becomes a must for anyone who’s a fan of horror movies.

Movies in the Morgue

Where: 240 E Cordova Street
Cost: $15 for GA