We love to laugh here at Curiocity, and cozying up with a comedy is a surefire way to get us chuckling. So, it’s only right that we’ve rounded up some of the funniest movies you can stream in Canada right now. We’re partly doing this just so we can have the list on hand for ourselves. But of course, you’re welcome to join in on the fun too.

Here are the funniest movies you can stream in Canada right now, in no particular order.

Shaun of the Dead

For us, the funniest Edgar Wright movie will always be a toss-up between Hot Fuzz (which is available on Netflix) and Shaun of the Dead. But, since we’ve already got a police-style comedy on here, we’re opting for Shaun of the Dead, which has a laugh-a-minute pace while still keeping the heart of the traditional zombie movie. Round up mum, swing by Liz’s, and then grab a pint. It’s that easy!

Available on Starz


“Superbad but for girls” simply does not do this movie justice. The coming-of-age tale of two high school graduates offers both hilarity and thoughtfulness, but mostly hilarity. We were never on the same path as Molly and Amy, and yet, we feel deeply connected to their evening of rebellion.

Available on Netflix


Of course, we pretty much need to include this movie. A modern icon of a comedy, Superbad minted more than a few stars, solidified Seth Rogen as one of the funniest people around, and found a way to really capture the end-of-high school experience. Our advice? Watch both this and Booksmart as a doubleheader, for an entire evening of laughs.

Available on Netflix

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Young Frankenstein

The black and white movie, at least for us, has always been associated with ‘art house’ productions. From the classics (The Seventh Seal) to recent releases like The Lighthouse or The Tragedy of Macbeth, we don’t usually think about black and white from a comedy lens. Of course, that’s just the aesthetic side of this iconic Mel Brooks movie, which uses some of the funniest people ever captured on screen to tell the story, not of Dr. Frankenstein, but one of his descendants.

Available on Starz


His name isn’t Linguine, it’s Ratatouille’s monster. Just kidding, but we aren’t kidding when we say that this is, to us, the funniest Pixar movie to ever come out. The premise is perfect, the characters are perfect, and the visuals are perfect. It’s a triple threat of a movie and the first thing that comes to our minds when we’re in the mood for some animated laughs.

Available on Disney+

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Is Forgetting Sarah Marshall our top pick for those wanting a watch a rom-com? You bet your bottom dollar that it is. Jason Segel perfectly captures the depression/malaise that comes with a breakup, while Kristen Bell holds her own as the pseudo-villain/ ‘winner’ of it. Throw in Mila Kunis for good measure, set it in Hawaii, and enjoy not just a rom-com, but a title that easily holds its own as one of the funniest movies you can stream in Canada right now.

Available on Crave

Best in Show

Hot take here- Best in Show, not This is Spinal Tap! is the best thing that Christopher Guest has made. With Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara taking the helm of a cast of characters that are at once completely out-to-lunch, but totally believable, this dog show mockumentary delivers scene after scene of hilarious situations without going too far. Even better, it managed (back in 2000) to really capture the rise of the fur-baby movement, and you’ll be comparing the characters to dog owners you actually know in no time.

Available on Crave

The Other Guys

When we referenced a cop comedy earlier, this is what we had in mind. With stellar performances from Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, The Other Guys is a masterclass on going right to the edge of reason, without stepping over it. Their characters are the perfect foil for one another- Ferrell, as the desk jockey with a dark past, and Wahlberg as the over-the-top tough guy that learned ballet just to make fun of people.

Available on Netflix


Laying claim to some of the funniest one-liners ever put on screen, Clueless is both easily dated and timeless. The technology used by the main characters may have changed, but the way they use it does not. Come to feel weird 90s nostalgia, but stay for the surprisingly deep commentary on the lives of the shallow and rich.

Available on Netflix

Good Morning, Vietnam

Did you just watch Apocalypse Now! and need a little levity to go with it? Check out one of Robin Williams’ most enduring performances, which puts his zany character in the heart of the country during its most tumultuous period. It’s heartfelt, sure, but it’s also seriously funny. Enough of the Flight of the Valkyries, it’s time to change the channel.

Available on Disney+


This could be borderline blasphemy, but we honestly think that Bridesmaids is funnier than The Hangover. The plot is better, the ensemble cast is funnier, and while there are raunchy and cringey moments a-plenty, the movie is a little bit more grounded in their delivery. Ever rewatchable, and practically a must if you or anyone you know has recently gotten engaged.

Available on Crave

If you, like us, are constantly on the hunt for the funniest movies to stream in Canada, then we sure do hope that this list helps you out! Check out something new, rewatch a title you’ve forgotten about, or dive back into a movie that you can more or less quote verbatim, like us with Ratatouille.