Have you ever wondered what and who your fellow Americans and Washingtonians are searching for on the world wide web? Well, The Pudding has your answer, partially. They’ve compiled a map that shows, the most Wikipedia’ed people in each city.

The People Map of the US replaces cities with their most Wikipedia’ed resident, these are people born in, who have lived in or are connected to each city or place. So instead of Seattle or Washington’s most Wikipedia’ed people, it’s those who are most searched and associated if that makes sense. While some of our region’s most-searched individuals are unique, we can almost guarantee that you can guess a few. Let’s get into it.

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most googled people
Photo via The Pudding

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, Bill Gates is the most Wikipedia’ed person associated with both Medina and Seattle. We’ll assume you need no introduction to who he is, alongside other names like Renton’s, Jimi Hendrix, and Issaquah’s Ken Griffey Jr. Other names like Shoreline’s Rainn Wilson and Woodinville’s Nancy Wilson also probably ring a bell.

The map is great fun and worth a look if you’re curious about the who’s who of each city. Not only that but you might just learn about some new people. Enjoying!