Seattle is pricey, from rentals to the real estate market to the cost of living. Why not jump all the way to the top and take a look at the most expensive home on the market in Seattle right now and also ever?

Well technically, it’s across the water in a very pricey neighborhood that you’ve probably heard of called Hunts Point.

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The Hunts Point property hit the market at the end of April 2022 and is the most expensive home to be listed in the Seattle area on the NMLS.

It happens to have a pretty unique history, once belonging to jazz saxophonist Kenny G.

Just how much does it cost? It’s a number that is high but maybe not as high as you’d imagine, $85 million to be exact. After all, these days we all hear about New York penthouses and houses in the hills going for hundreds of millions.

Despite sitting on the market for 7 months, the home’s price has not budged.

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Clearly, this home isn’t far behind but for all of our sake let’s just hope Seattle’s real estate market never gets quite that big. Anyway, here’s what $85 million will get you in the luxury home market right here in the PNW.

Photo via Windermere

The home is massive, it’s over 17,500 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Despite its overall heritage look, the home was actually built in 1995. The inside features window walls, high ceilings, as well as things like hardwood floors, and walk-in closets. Basically all of the luxury essentials that you can think of.

Photo via Windermere

While the inside is impressive, the outside is equally so. There are 4 structures on the over 4 acres of land as well as a pool, sand beach, and staff quarters. What’s more, there’s even room to park your yacht, seaplane, jet skis, and normal-sized boat. Yes, room for all that and probably more.

Photo via Windermere

We know you want to see more and you can do that at Windermere’s website. Before you go, just remember that the home’s taxes were $233,383 alone in 2022. What a world, what a world.