If there’s one thing Canadians love more than coffee, hockey and Ryan Reynolds, it’s a DIY project, but there’s only one store that’s got all the goods to get the job done… plus snacks, skates, toys, kitchen appliances, car parts, plants and party supplies.

Known for being THE place to get almost anything, consumers love Canadian Tire, so much so that they were just named the most trusted brand in all of Canada by data intelligence firm, Morning Consult.

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“Trust — a deep and intangible belief in the perceived virtue of a person, business or organization — is an important metric for institutions seeking success,”  they explain.

“A foundation of trust is critical for maintaining relationships with consumers, especially when missteps occur. There are many routes to being perceived as trusted, and they tend to vary by industry and demographic.”

With this in mind, it’s no wonder a brand like Canadian Tire which also owns Marks, PartSource, Helly Hansen, Party City in Canada and various SportChek banners, topped the list, but how did they come to this conclusion?

According to Morning Consult, this particular report was based on a survey taken between March 3rd and April 3rd of 2023, where people from all over the country were polled.


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Participants were asked to rank how much they trust a list of familiar brands from “a lot” to “not at all,” and the majority said that Canadian Tire was their tried and true – giving them a net score of 55.04.

This, of course, bumped last year’s winner, Tim Hortons (who had a score of 52.25) out of the top spot – but who else topped this year’s global list?

Other trusted brands across the world include: 

  • Band-Aid – United States, Trust: 57.50
  • Alipay – China, Net Trust: 79.62
  • Toyota – Japan, Net Trust: 40.70
  • PayPal – Germany, Net Trust: 60.21
  • Google – India, Net Trust: 87.54
  • Boots – United Kingdom, Net Trust: 61.38
  • Google – France, Net Trust: 62.60
  • WhatsApp – Italy, Net Trust: 65.62
  • Canadian Tire – Canada, Net Trust: 55.04
  • Samsung Electronics – South Korea, Net Trust: 69.13

Are you a Canadian Tire Stan, or do you think Tim Hortons should have held their spot? They really are neck in neck for us, but until next year, happy debating!