Canada is a country fueled by Ryan Reynolds’ do-goodery, caffeine, and donuts – but according to a new study published by data intelligence firm, Morning Consult, there’s one coffee shop that we trust above all others.

Whether it’s a mid-day double-double, a box of Timbits, or tea – consumers coast to coast love Tim Hortons. So much in fact, that they were just named the most trusted brand in all of Canada.

“Trust is not something that can be earned overnight,” the report says.

“The companies on our Most Trusted Brands list tend to be established, household names that have worked for decades to build consumer trust and loyalty.”

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Taking this into account – we can’t say that we’re surprised Tim’s found itself at #1 in the Great North, but how did they break it all down?

According to Morning Consult, this particular report was based on a survey taken between March 3rd and April 3rd, where 4,768 people were polled.

Participants were asked to rank how much they trust a list of familiar brands from “a lot” to “not at all,” and the majority said that Tim’s was their tried and true.

“What really sets Tim Hortons apart from competitors is Canadians’ national pride for the brand,” the report said. “Even as the brand expands beyond Canada’s borders, it remains strongly associated with the country.”

Want to know who was also named among Canada’s pride and joy on a more global scale? You can read the entire study here – but beware, it’s a long one!

Anywho – what would you say is the most trusted brand in Canada? Do you agree with the study? Why or why not? We want to hear from you.

Until next year, happy debating!