It’s a low hanging fruit of a headline, but we couldn’t help ourselves. After over two decades and countless iterations, Apple announced today that the iPod era is officially coming to a close. The arguably revolutionary device was first introduced way back in 2001, when most people were cradling portable CD players to avoid skipping.

But flames to dust (shoutout Nelly Furtado) and all that, you know? These days, Apple has almost completely integrated Apple Music into its devices, from phones to tablets to watches. We’re the first to admit that we haven’t even seen an iPod, let alone buy one, since like 2013.

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In fact, there’s only one iPod still available from Apple- the iPod Touch, which was itself first introduced some 15 years ago, in 2007. It looks like the device is going to start the inevitable shift from modern tech to coveted collector’s item, although we think you might have to sit on that investment for a while.

Either way, we’ll be reminiscing for at least a couple hours about the end of an era. Maybe it’s time for a quick trip to our parents home, and see if we can’t find that mid-2000s iPod Nano that really encapsulated our angsty teenage years…