With all of us hitting the skies this year, we’re curious to know which airlines are the best to travel with. Lucky for you, we came across a new list highlighting the most loved airlines across the world and three Canadian airline charters made the top spot.

Money exchange service website, S Money compiled the list based on tweets that mentioned airline companies, categorizing them by region and overall.

“We analysed all tweets using an AI sentiment tool to give either a positive or negative score. We considered the Most Loved to be the airlines with the highest percentage of positive tweets,” according to the site.

Per their findings, the most loved airline in the world is Bearskin Airlines, which apparently “gets a lot of love for reaching those hard-to-reach places — and for the views, it offers along the way.” They received a rating of 53.4% positive tweets.

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Photo via Smoney

Next up is Pacific Coastal Airlines in second place. Unless you’re from B.C., you probably haven’t experienced their services.

They’re a privately owned British Columbia-based regional airline that operates from Vancouver International Airport’s South Terminal and flies to 17 airports in the province.

Another Canadian airline that made the overall list is Canadian North in fourth place.

Though Canada’s largest airlines didn’t make the cut, it’s nice to see other local charters get some love too.