It’s Leafs mania in our city right now and it’s safe to say that Toronto fans are as devoted as it gets. So, it may not come as a surprise to you that Toronto has the most expensive NHL games of any league.

A new report by online sports betting platform Betway has revealed the most expensive cities for gameday, and Toronto tops the list.

One ticket to a regular season home game at Scotiabank Arena costs $145.60 on average.

The only city to come close to that number is Seattle, where it costs $130.85 on average to attend a Kraken game.

Families who attend a game together in Toronto are paying considerably more than in other cities.

The cost for a family of four is $632.68 on average, which is 39% more than the NHL average of $380.93.

The second-most expensive city is Montreal, where fans pay $105.97 on average to cheer on the Habs.

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Here are the top 10 most expensive NHL games by city and their average ticket prices:

  1. Toronto — $145.60
  2. Seattle — $130.85
  3. Las Vegas — $124.09
  4. New York City — $124.56
  5. Chicago — $109.69
  6. Boston — $104.77
  7. Montreal — $105.97
  8. Washington — $100.79
  9. Nashville — $102.54
  10. Detroit — $90.43

Ironically, the cheapest city to watch an NHL game is Sunrise, Florida, which is home to none other than the Toronto Maple Leafs’ round two rivals, the Florida Panthers.

Average ticket prices are as low as $62.23 in Sunrise, which is just under three times cheaper than in Toronto.

Ottawa is the cheapest Canadian city to catch an NHL game at $60.13 per person.

It’s also worth noting that these are regular season prices — Toronto fans are paying through the nose for NHL playoff tickets.

On the May 2nd playoff game, the cheapest available option was a $322 standing-room-only ticket.

Roughly, tickets in the 300s were going for $700+, and for the lower bowl, fans were looking at $2,000.

Leafs fans don’t have it easy, but boy, it feels good when our dedication pays off with a win!