After an epic win on Wednesday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs are coming home for game 5 against the Florida Panthers. And tickets have been released for the game, which left us wondering once again, how much are the Maple Leafs tickets going for right now?

The quick answer is, a lot. Obviously.

Even during regular season, Toronto Maple Leafs tickets are the toughest to get in the city, and will generally set you back a couple of hundred dollars per seat.

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Last week, for the first home game, there was a queue to find tickets.

Screenshot via Ticketmaster

At the time, for game 1 on May 2, the cheapest available ticket was a $322 standing room only ticket. Roughly, tickets in the 300s were going for $700+, and for lower bowl, you werelooking at $2,000. For last Thursday night’s game, it was roughly the same pricing, and standing room tickets are also available.

And with our big win, the team is back home, and tailgates are back.

As of 10 am on May 11th, tickets for Friday night’s game start at $361 each for upper bowl (not standing room). There also seemed to be more availability than previous home games.

Image via Ticketmaster

If you’re looking for lower bowl seats, prepare to dish out at least $1,000.

Some of the pricier ones will set you back $4,217 each, but it’s in row 1, section 118.

So there you have it. From $361 to over $4,000, but we know, if they win, this experience will be priceless!

Game 5 is on Friday, May 12th, at 7 pm at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.