We’ll admit it- the average rent for the most expensive cities in Canada consistently make our heads spin. Especially when you compare them to the cheapest in the country. But we digress… let’s see what this month has revealed.

The monthly rent report from Rentals.ca show a fluctuating market for the most expensive cities in Canada. While some spots are seeing incremental increases or even decreases, others (looking at you, Cambridge) are going off the charts month over month. Six percent? Six percent!?!?! That’s wild.

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Anyway, here are the 10 most expensive cities for rent in Canada this month.

  1. Vancouver, BC – $2,412
  2. Toronto, Ontario – $2,192
  3. Richmond, BC – $2,144
  4. Oakville, Ontario – $2,073
  5. Burnaby, BC – $2,049
  6. Burlington, Ontario – $2,030
  7. Guelph, Ontario – $1,996
  8. Cambridge, Ontario – $1,870
  9. New Westminster, BC – $1,868
  10. Mississauga, Ontario – $1,831

Yeah… in a nutshell, if you want to live anywhere close to the two most desirable cities in the country (Vancouver and Toronto), then be prepared to shell out the big bucks or hope that you get lucky. Sadly, we don’t have much more advice beyond that than moving…