Looking to save a few bucks? How about a few hundred? The real estate site Rentals.ca has released its monthly report, showcasing the cheapest cities for rent in Canada this July. Full honesty? It’s pretty unsurprising, but nonetheless fun to work with.

Of the top 10 cheapest cities in Canada for rent right now, just over half are in the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) while the others are in Quebec and Ontario. BC is a little too far outta the budget- their cheapest city, Surrey, still rocks a seriously pricey $1,500 or so for a 1-bedroom.

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And well, compared to some other names, that’s a huge increase…

  1. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – $973
  2. Edmonton, Alberta – $1,032
  3. Red Deer, Alberta – $1,052
  4. Lethbridge, Alberta – $1,054
  5. Winnipeg, Manitoba – $1,208
  6. Waterloo, Ontario – $1,224
  7. Laval, Quebec – $1,300
  8. St. Catharines, Ontario – $1,421
  9. Kingston, Ontario – $1,449
  10. Brantford, Ontario – $1,467

Yeah, it’s roughly 50% cheaper to live in one of 5 Albertan cities than it is to live in the cheapest one in BC, according to Rentals.ca. Is that enough to make the move? Well, that’s on you!