Crummy news for anyone planning a big Banff road trip to Moraine Lake in 2023.

While you’ll still be able to visit the stunning location, Parks Canada has announced that the area will soon be closed to public vehicles due to its incredible popularity.

“Demand to reach Moraine Lake far exceeds available parking,” they wrote on their website. 

“In 2022, traffic flaggers were required 24 hours a day to manage the demand for access. During the peak of summer 2022, the parking lot remained full nearly 24 hours a day.”

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According to a recent update, bikes, anyone with a disabled parking tag, Parks Canada shuttles, Roam Transit, and commercially registered vehicles with a business license and the ability to transport 11 or more people will be the only wheelers allowed to park at Moraine.

Luckily, busses (which are permitted from June to mid-October) operate consistently throughout the day and are relatively affordable – though we encourage you to look into all of your options before heading to the mountains.

For more information or to see current bus routes, you can visit the Parks Canada website here. 

Good luck, have fun and plan ahead!