This is absolutely not a drill. McDonald’s Canada has brought back two fan favourite items for a limited time only. What a way to start 2023.

Don’t you just love when our favourite fast food chains bless us with the return of their most popular items? We haven’t felt this way since they brought back the Smarties McFlurry. Okay, we may be exaggerating just a little bit but it’s still as exciting.

You’ve probably already noticed but if you have yet to hear the news, Spicy McNuggets and Waffle Fries are back, with the addition of ranch dipping sauce for the ultimate trifecta,

The fast food chain confirmed the news on social media, most notably on its Instagram account, sharing a hilarious meme that really resonates with us.

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“icymi spicy mcnuggets, waffle fries AND ranch dip are all available in restaurants now,” reads the caption. “So if ur resolution is to also dip stuff in more stuff then… ur welcome.”

This news is just as good as the time they teased us with dessert hacks, combining some of their treats with others for the ultimate dessert. Or when they said Halloween Boo Buckets were resurrected back in October.

Remember when the McGriddle disappeared for a hot minute and then suddenly popped back on menus? It was quite a delightful surprise, something of which McDonald’s Canada tends to do often. We’re not complaining.

The items are back now for a limited time only at participating McDonald’s Canada restaurants.

Now as for the McPizza though… Time is ticking!