Hot take time, folks- we’ve entered a new era of clickbait material. Why do we think that? Because we don’t need to spin stories to make them zany anymore, corporations are more than happy to dive into the waters of absurdity if it means free publicity. Personally, we embrace it, as long as they follow through on their plans. And on that note, Molson has just announced they’ve combined a cooler, a mini zamboni, and a ‘robot vacuum’ into a new beast- the Brewmboni. Here’s exactly what that means.

Announced earlier this week, the Brewmboni is more like a concept than it is a finished product. Basically, they shrunk a zamboni shape, added a couple of cooler compartments to it, and slapped it on a ‘robot vacuum’. They refuse to name which brand this robot vacuum is, but we’re all thinking it. Now, you’ve got a triple threat of an iconic Canadian vehicle, a roving cooler that can hold 4 beers, and of course, an actual functional vacuum.

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Unfortunately for us, the Brewmboni is just in the testing stage right now, but the truly devoted can still make one. How? Well, Molson was kind enough to release the design files for the zamboni itself, alongside a general overview of how to make it. All you gotta do is get your hands on a 3D printer, do a little sanding, a little painting, and viola! Your own homemade version is ready to go.

Of course, we ourselves don’t have a 3D printer kicking around. So, we guess we’ll just keep tabs on this hilarious new product. For more info on the Brewmboni (props on the name, too), just click here!