After 6 long, unsatisfying years, McDonald’s has decided to add the Smarties McFlurry back to menus across Canada.

“The McFlurry is a Canadian icon,” said Jeff Anderson of McDonald’s Canada in a press release. “It was invented in Bathurst, NB in 1995 and we are so proud to bring back the SMARTIES® McFlurry so Canadians can enjoy their favourite treat once again.”

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All over the world, every country has their own, exclusive-to-them, menu item.

In Japan they have a shrimp burger, in Austria, it’s their McNoodles. In Turkey, they have an apricot Sunday and here in Canada, we’ve finally reclaimed the Smarties McFlurry.

It may have taken over 2,190 days, but it’s back, friends!

Now, the only question is… will your nearest location have a working ice cream machine? If we’ve learned anything in our lifetimes, it’s that no – it probably isn’t but it’s worth a try! Get out there and give it a go, Canada! Just think of how good that chilly rainbow mess will taste if it is.