We all know plenty of people who don’t own a pair of cowboy boots and grew up with horse riding lessons, right? They’re far too expensive for most of us. Misconceptions plague mostly every recognized group of people on this earth and Calgarians as a collective? We’re no exception.

This week, in a Reddit thread started by user mant15-tob0ggan, city slickers shared what they believed to be the biggest misconceptions about Calgary and some of them surprised us.

From music choices to restaurant faves, proud Calgarians were quick to dismantle the unfounded beliefs of our neighbours and it was interesting to see people speak up.

Of course, while some were to be expected, other errors in judgment were ones that we hadn’t considered before – and it got us thinking.

For those like us who drew a serious blank beyond the basics, here are the top-rated answers as posted in response to this particular thread:

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So there you have it. common misconceptions people have about Calgary.

Did your answer make the list? Let us know in the comments! We’re curious to know what you think!

If you’d like to read the entire thread you can do so over on Reddit, but beware, there were a few people who did not hold back.