In an effort to combat bullying in schools as well as cultural sensitivity in the workplace, a Calgary-based non-for-profit has produced a new documentary in which the incredible significance of uncut hair is explained on behalf of the indigenous community. In Braves Wear Braids men, women, parents, athletes and educators explain what it means to be seen, heard and understood by fellow teachers, classmates, friends and coworkers.

Released January 20th on YouTube, this 28-minute film attempts to provide guidance to those that seek to be allies or have struggled to understand the connection between traditionalists and culture, more specifically indigenous men.

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Through interviews with NHL defencemen, Ethan Bear, residential school survivors and elders, audiences are educated on everything from the physical and emotional abuse that braided boys have to endure, not only in their childhoods but as adults in a modern society that still doesn’t understand.

Founded in October 2020, Braves Wear Braids’s purpose is to support Indigenous youth in the efforts of carrying on the cultural importance of wearing their hair in braids.

“The intent is to support an under-represented group in the Indigenous youth community and their caregivers by creating a tool for parents, caregivers, and schools to educate on the importance of braids historically and in a modern context,” states their website.

If you’d like to watch the full documentary for yourself, which we’d 100% recommend, you can do so right now on the popular streaming platform, for free.

Enjoy, keep an open mind and listen! It might be the least you can do, but it makes a major difference.